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Our projects

Some examples of our projects are below:


CONDOR (COVID-19 National DiagnOstic Research and Evaluation Platform)

Please also see our COVID-19 research page.

CRUK Convergence Science Centre

LiSENUS project (Detection of metastatic axillary sentinel lymph nodes using ultrafast, super-resolution, dual-contrast enhanced ultrasound imaging in patients with breast cancer)


More examples provided in the sections below to help you understand more about our work. The examples relate our different stakeholder types, including industry, clinical partners, NIHR Infrastructures, regulatory (and other) agencies, and academia.


Projects with Industry

Primary care

  • Point-of-care test (POCT) for C-reactive protein. Exploring the potential of a new device in pharmacies.
  • Novel hearing test. We analysed stakeholder needs and preferences, and identifying barriers to adoption.

Infectious diseases

  • POCT for acute HIV infections. We conducted stakeholder and economic analysis.
  • New rapid POCT to identify species-specific bacterial infection. We conducted a clinical study and assessing stakeholder perceptions. We also performed economic analysis.

Projects with Clinical Partners

Cancer (gastrointestinal)

  • Breath test for diagnosing gastrointestinal cancers. This research addressed an unmet need for a non-invasive test to triage patients for invasive investigations. We worked closely with colleagues in the department of surgery and cancer at Imperial College to support several studies that aim to validate the breath tests and to maximize safety and usability.

Projects with other NIHR infrastructures

Imperial and Oxford AHSNs funded three posts at London IVD to streamline the diagnostics development pathway from AHSNs. These posts helped us to expand our clinical networks and provide access to NHS commissioners.

NIHR-North West London CLAHRC informed grant applications such as SBRI phase II with Highland Biosciences Ltd. The aim is to have a diagnostic device for major trauma patients implemented in the NHS within the next five years. More details about the project is here.

Projects with agencies

The Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) funded a post at London IVD to research common faults experienced by end users with diagnostic (and other) devices. This collaboration generated a set of principles to support designers, and identify deficiencies in the current system of adverse event reporting.

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) workeds with us to develop methods to enable the efficient and effective evaluation of diagnostic tests. We developed an action based on a joint workshop. Representatives from other agencies (MHRA, HRA, PHE) also participated in this.

Projects with other academic institutions

University College London are working with us to aid more precise drug dosing in children with cancer. Please click here for more details on this project “ChromaDose”.

Brunel University worked with us to build an innovative platform to allow flexible economic analysis of diagnostics.

King’s College London worked with us on interruptions and multitasking in the context of diagnostics and other medical devices.


Projects you can get involved with

Study Recruitment Request


(This is now closed.)


Study Title: Development of a patient centred usability evaluation tool for home medical devices

Principal Investigator: Dr Arkeliana Tase

Project Supervisors: Prof Peter Buckle, Dr Melody Zhifang, and Prof George Hanna


We are looking for patients, relatives and members of the public to take part in our study to help refine the usability tool we are developing for home use medical devices and technology.

The aim of this tool will be to empower patients to have their voices heard on their experiences and help manufacturers of medical devices improve the design of their devices based on patient requirements.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Dr Arkeliana Tase at a.tase@imperial.ac.uk to organise a short discussion (20-30 minutes) on the tool being developed.

All responses will be confidential and you will not be identified in the presentation of results for this study.  



A selection of recent publications involving members of the NIHR London IVD is included below.


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A selection of recent preprints* involving members of the NIHR London IVD is included below.

(*A preprint is a full research paper, shared publicly before peer review.)





Kierkegaard, P., Hicks, T., Yang, Y., Lee, J., Hayward, G., Turner, P. J., A. Joy Allen, & Nicholson, B. D. (2021). Primary care and point-of-care testing during a pandemic: Clinician’s perspectives on integrating rapid testing for COVID-19 into the primary care pathway. medRxiv. https://doi.org/10.1101/2021.04.13.21255347


Micocci, M.; Borsci, S.; Thakerar, V.; Walne, S.; Manshadi, Y.; Edridge, F.; Mullarkey, D.; Buckle, P.; Hanna, G. Do GPs Trust Artificial Intelligence Insights and What Could This Mean for Patient Care? A Case Study on GPs Skin Cancer Diagnosis in the UK. https://www.preprints.org/manuscript/202105.0005/v1


Urwin S, B. Clare Lendrem, Jana Suklan, Kile Green, Sara Graziadio, Peter Buckle, Paul M. Dark, Adam L. Gordon, Daniel S. Lasserson, Brian Nicholson, D. Ashley Price, Charles Reynard, Mark H. Wilcox, Graham Prestwich, Valerie Tate, Tristan W. Clark, Raja V. Reddy, Richard Body, A. Joy Allen FebriDx point-of-care test in patients with suspected COVID-19: a pooled diagnostic accuracy study medRxiv 2020.10.15.20213108; doi: https://doi.org/10.1101/2020.10.15.20213108



Workshop Series- Translation of Diagnostics

This series of workshops, brought to you by the NIHR London In Vitro Diagnostics Co-operative (The London IVD), bring together academics and industry focused on developing diagnostic technology to share successes and lessons from their journeys through the translational pathway.

Translation of Infectious Disease Diagnostics – 4th October 2022

Chaired by Professor Graham Cooke from Imperial College London, the event focused on the translation of infectious diseases diagnostics. Please see the link below for the full recording of the workshop.