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How London IVD Helps Academic Collaborators

Being located within one of the world’s leading universities, Imperial College London, London IVD is ideally placed to collaborate with other academic institutions and individual researchers to produce consistent, high quality evidence that helps accelerate the adoption of new technology into the UK health system. As an in-vitro diagnostics cooperative partnership between Imperial College London and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust we can provide access to world-renowned clinicians, facilities and experts to support senior academic investigators and early career researchers.

What type of collaborations London IVD works on

London IVD is experienced in supporting academic researchers to translate evidence to prove the commercial validity of new innovations. Since 2013, we’ve collaborated on tens of projects supporting with market access, creating evidence to support regulatory compliance, and helping secure funding to undertake further research.

Working with senior principal investigators

For senior investigators and experienced academics, London IVD is able to provide access to the most novel evaluations for furthering the research associated with a particular device, technology or software.  We also help identify projects being undertaken by our wide academic and clinical network and share these with researchers who might be interested in supporting.

London IVD is also experienced at bringing research consortiums together to undertake rapid evaluations for new devices and technology.

Working with early-stage career researchers

We can help researchers quickly asses their developing product by taking it out of the laboratory and evaluating it in real-world scenarios. London IVD helps shape research in its early stages to ensure a product’s validity is proven as early possible. Using a range of novel evaluation techniques, we help researchers demonstrate real-world value through health economics and human factors evaluation. We can also help early-stage researchers access private or joint funding.

Find out how London IVD helps clinical innovators, SMEs and large multinational organisations.

Case study

London IVD helped biology engineering SME Ingenza to accelerate the clinical evaluation and adoption of a new test for identifying the correct placement of nasogastric feedback tubes.

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Inspiring the next generation of clinical innovators

We’re also committed to helping inspire the next generation of successful clinical innovators through our education programmes. Working with our network of expert clinicians and academics, we provide a series of masterclasses for aspiring entrepreneurs. Through the programme we help clinicians understand what it takes to commercialise an innovation – taking it from idea through to commercially available product that can be used in the NHS. Interested? Contact us to find out when the next programme will run.

Want to start working with us?

Before we begin working on a potential project with you we ask clients to complete and submit an application form. This includes questions that allow us to set up a confidentiality agreement, if required. (Our standard non disclosure document can be found here.)